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Simple, elegant, and restrained. Soft notes of fresh bread with a mild lingering sweetness that is kept in measure by slight noble hop bitterness. Named in tribute to the monolithic steel superstructures that remain from the Carrie Furnace site in Rankin, PA. These 13 story behemoth blast furnaces were built in 1884 and named after women in the family of the original owners as was convention for naming furnaces then. They produced steel for many high profile projects such as the Empire State Building, battleship Missouri, Gateway Arch, Sears Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Panama Canal, United Nations Building, George Washington Bridge, and the Alaska oil pipeline; producing up to 1250 tons of iron a day until closing in 1978.


German-Style Helles




Flavor Profile

Crisp, Bready Pale Lager
Illustration of two hands cheersing a beer and smash burger